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Our Sectors


Revolution in Industries

Technology can help to utilize your resource and manage your business in an efficient manner. With extensive industry experience and technological expertise, we can help you build impactful software solutions for your industry faster than ever before.

We working in all sectors on various levels.


Our extensive industry experience enables us to develop and deploy the latest cloud technology to maintain and integrate with existing legacy applications. We have both the capability and the capacity to meet the demands of an industry undergoing significant disruption.


We provide custom software development, and maintenance and support to organisations that teach the country. Our innovative data-driven solutions and tech-enabled tools help effectively improve educational outcomes in learners.


Both customers and employees of financial companies expect to be able to leverage the latest technological advancements to make their daily operations easier. Intellectsoft specializes in creating software solutions that make this possible on any scale.


As consumer service expectations continue rising, a branded insurance application can help you transform your business. Predict consumer needs by utilizing data and actionable analytics, optimize the customer experience, retain valuable policyholders, and identify new sales opportunities using applications built on our mobile platform.


Create new opportunities for your business and for your customers with the help of specialized software. Transform the shopping experience with an engaging mobile app or improve business operations with a comprehensive enterprise software suite.


We offering Custom Software Development Services to Media & Entertainment Industry to upgrade to the latest technologies, deliver timely content across multiple distribution channels at lower costs, streamline the media planning process, track consumer behaviors, and generate new revenues streams.

Public Sector

We’re able to optimally address challenges and requirements to effectively develop solid working solutions for any business. This includes successfully analyzing, designing, developing, integrating and deploying high volume processing solutions and providing support. We have the agility to quickly scale to a team of 100+ resources to deliver on the demanding requirements of our clients’ schedules.


Our software platform and custom development allow healthcare institutions to create comprehensive cross-platform solutions that ensure positive patient experiences and streamlined workflows. From easy scheduling and navigation with a branded app to asset management and Big Data -- our solutions can improve any operation in your institution.


Logistics and automotive software solutions with the latest tech give you an edge over competition across the board. Use the Internet of Things (IoT) to track your operations and predict a malfunction. Add Big Data solutions, and get valuable insights into your operations. Contact us to use Augmented and Virtual Reality to simplify employee onboarding.


Create an accompanying app to make your guests’ stay even more comfortable. Use the application to keep your guests informed on latest news, provide booking information, run a tour of your rooms, and introduce your staff.